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Kwadaso, Kumasi - Ghana




Kumasi’s Biggest Digital Training (Online Business + YouTube)

Everyone will agree that the world is digital. The world is online. Everything is digital. You may not have money to rent a big shop or an office space in Accra, Kumasi, or tamale but you can build an online shop or an online office and sell to millions in Ghana.

Don’t underestimate the power of online shops and social media pages. It is running the world right now and forever. Online sales in Ghana every month are over 10 million Ghana cedis. Oh yeah, you heard me right. People sit at their homes and small corners, connect with the world and make money through their websites and social media pages. Young guys are making money on youtube. 100 of thousands of YouTubers make a monthly income than our ministers’ salary.

For Wode Maya, Zion Felix, Kwadwo Sheldon, websites like tonaton.com, ghanaweb.com, and others are making 7 figures a year and that is no joke. Check out their numbers.

The world’s richest people are using websites, mobiles apps, and social media to make money, What are you waiting for. Are you a businessman, or do you want to start a business, or do you want to take up a career in creating websites?

We are touring all cities in Ghana to teach people and give secrets in;

– Building Online Shops without coding
– Receiving Payments into your MOMO or Bank Accounts
– Facebook, Whatsapp & Instagram Ads
– YouTube secrets, branding & Monetization
– Google Business and Google Forms

After the Class, we will offer a free Digital Business Consultation to help you start your online marketing ideas or even give you ideas you can take home and make money with.

And wait, you see some of these courses online right, so why join this? These online tutors will convince you to pay an amount on promotion, they take you to a Whatsapp group, then send you a telegram link to download pre-recorded videos. Trust me, their content has no detailed secrets to tell. Nobody puts hard-core digital secrets to becoming the best on a telegram. Come meet us, feel the course and ask questions.

This October we coming to Kumasi on the 29th – 30th, at the DHI college of health, patasi

Get your tickets online for GHc 200 at www.jargohouse.com/register

Or visit DHI college at patasi and get a ticket. The world is digital, join it before you are left behind online.

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